Where Have Our Liberal Values Gone?


Dennis Flynn: Returning Real Liberal Values to the Democratic Party


Robin Koerner of the Huffington Post Endorses Dennis Flynn in the 10th District

May 29, 2012

Dennis Flynn is proud to announce the endorsement of Robin Koerner, Huffington Post writer and founder of the Blue Republican movement:

The rEVOLution Crosses Party Lines

Robin Koerner is at the forefront of forward-thinking politics in America. He recognizes that real solutions to the serious problems facing our country – and our district – are not being pursued by the establishment of either party. Robin Koerner understands that real liberal values call for an end to the attack on our civil rights, the influence of crony corporatism, and our unconscionable global military presence.

Mr. Koerner sees the success that supporters of Ron Paul are having within the GOP, and eagerly anticipates a time when independent minds within the Democratic Party begin to embrace the concept that the ways of both major parties must be changed, not just one.

That time is now.

Local media continues to pretend that on June 5th, voters must choose between the lesser of three evils.

The reality of the race is much more optimistic.

Whether they’re seeking to gain political control of key economic areas or set themselves up to run for higher offices of their own, the local politicians and their endorsements which have dominated the race to this point are not fooling the voters of the 10th District, who see right through these tactics and are being energized by the one candidate who will actually stand up for their interests, not those of the professional politicians who made the right deals at the right time.


Weekend Press Release

May 27, 2012

Dennis Flynn has separated himself from his five opponents in the Democratic primary race in the 10th District of New Jersey.

During Thursday night’s debate, Mr. Flynn clearly demonstrated that he is the only candidate willing to stand up to the establishment when it comes to bringing home our troops, protecting civil rights, and dealing with crony corporatism.

When asked about her approval for President Obama’s decision to commit troops and funding to Afghanistan for at least twelve more years – despite a domestic economic crisis attacking families here at home – Senator Gill defended the White House’s marriage with the Military-Industrial Complex and made it clear that as a Congresswoman, she would support the status quo.

Mr. Flynn, who put his education on hold to join the U.S. Air Force in the weeks following September 11, 2001, feels that the security of the United States must always be a top priority. The crowd present at the debate showed complete agreement with Mr. Flynn’s position that we not only need to bring all our troops home as soon as possible, but that we must also recognize the problems associated with blowback from our interventionist foreign policy, and deal with the system that allows the Military-Industrial Complex to exert such influence over leadership.

Councilman Rice did not oppose the current administration’s assault on the Bill of Rights through such legislation as the NDAA, and revealed that a major part of his plan to deal with the systemic issues that plague our most vulnerable citizens is to start a Super PAC and travel around the country raising money to kick Republicans he doesn’t like out of office.

In contrast, Dennis Flynn showed a passion for moving beyond partisan politics and standing up for his liberal values by defending civil rights – no matter who is trying to take them away – and promised to be a strong voice against laws like the NDAA. Mr. Flynn also spoke about his plan to go beyond addressing the symptoms of our economic problems and start dealing with their root causes by pushing for a full audit of the Federal Reserve Bank and making significant changes to our nation’s irresponsible monetary policy.

Finally, Councilman Payne is not only using his local political connections to secure ballot positioning and backroom endorsements; he is unapologetically campaigning on these connections’ being his major qualification for Congress – not recognizing the handcuffs on his ability to serve his constituents that such connections would actually prove to be.

Dennis Flynn has made no deals with politicians to get where he is today, and does not plan on making such deals to get where he wants to be in the future. Instead, he’s relying on real liberal principles and a refusal to give in to the Republicrat establishment’s oppressive and unimaginative leadership.




Thank you for visiting my website. This is where you can get to know me and how I plan to work for the interests of New Jersey’s 10th district in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Times are tough these days, but I don’t need to tell you that. Our nation is in crisis, and our elected officials seem more concerned about protecting their careers than moving us forward. I’m running because I believe there is a path towards progress, and it’s not paved with empty promises from empty suits. Everyday people like you and me will build the road towards economic recovery and long-term sustainability. We have the power to bring change to the world which will benefit our communities, and not just the 1%.

We must work together to find a way forward. We need to recognize that our biggest asset is our diversity. The emergence of the Occupy movement has shown that people can come together from widely different backgrounds to work for common goals and fight back against the forces which profit by keeping us fighting each other.

As your representative in Washington, I will work to build broad coalitions with Representatives from both sides of the aisle, and I will not shy away from calling out elected officials – Republican, Democrat, or otherwise – who put the party line, their careers, or the profits of corporations before the people they were elected to represent.

In recent years, there has been a wave of change sweeping across the Republican landscape. Liberty minded activists emboldened by the candidacy of Ron Paul have made significant gains in taking over their party from within. We as progressives need to work along similar lines to bring real reform to the Democratic Party and Washington as our nation moves into a post-Republicrat era. By rejecting the spoon-fed establishment candidates backed by the 1%, we can move beyond the rhetoric and build a voting bloc that will break the gridlock in Washington.

We live in a time when spiraling deficits, caused by a broken political system, threaten the institutions which protect the most vulnerable members of our society. We don’t have the luxury of time. We need to act now if we are to save the social safety nets and civil freedoms which past generations have sacrificed and fought so hard to gain.

In this all-important election season, there are many issues plaguing our nation that we must address. Unfortunately though, the issues that truly matter will be principally absent from the political conversation, because most politicians on both sides of the aisle have teamed up to send our nation down a dark path. Luckily, there are many informed citizens fighting to protect our country from this agenda. I believe we as Democrats can do much more within our own party to stand up to the power structure. We need to bring Democratic activism in off the streets of Occupy and into the voting booths to save the Democratic Party from the same Republicrat status quo the Liberty activists are defeating within the GOP.

The most important issues I plan to fight for in Congress include:

  • Civil Rights – We are having our basic freedoms stripped away from us, usually under the pretense of making us safer. I reject the notion that we cannot keep our Bill of Rights intact and protect our citizens simultaneously.
  • Reining in Crony Corporatism – Including, but not limited to, demanding a full audit of the activities of the Federal Reserve Bank.
  • Foreign Policy – I will stand for nothing less than bringing home our troops – all of them.

These are not Democrat issues or Republican issues.

These are American issues.

You may have heard similar language from other candidates, including my opponents, only to have those promises broken. This is unfortunately often the case, as the complex political relationships most politicians develop on their way to power prevent them from being able to keep such promises to voters. I have seen the promises of my opponents in this race, I have followed their political careers, and I can tell you that their rhetoric of change is nothing more than that – rhetoric. As a candidate who has never been a part of the political machine, my only agenda is to promote the interests of the people in our communities. As you explore this website and get to know me, I expect you to find that your views and concerns intersect with my own.

Once you realize that I am the best choice to represent you in Washington, I encourage you to get involved with my campaign efforts any way you can. I cannot work towards the fundamental changes our district and our country so desperately need without help from people like you. So please, tell your friends and family about my campaign, and, if you are able, consider donating time or money to help ensure the people of the 10th district are represented by someone who will truly fight for their interests.


Thank you for your support,
Dennis R. Flynn